Monday, November 26, 2018


Thank you to the volunteers who worked the MCREST week, also to the Council for the continuing financial support of the program. Our participation is critical for the staff at St John’s Church who act as host for this much needed emergency shelter program . Thanks to: Rick Okerjhelm, Steve Kargenian, Bruce Arnold, Ken Krause, Marty Winiarski, Gary Skarb, Jeff Gapczynski, Tom Gray, Phil Kwasny, Larry and Nancy Orzechowski, Tom Murray, Ken Grobbel, Mike Hartel, Leon Berdy, Hank Leflere, Art Krygowski, Phil Mularski, George Loewen, Vince Ursini, Ralph Pullis, Al Soulliere, Stan Labuda, Chuck Twigg, Rich Miller and Lorri Coughlin. local-4-news-at-4 story

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