Saturday, February 24, 2024

The Knight Shield - March 2024

When times seem darkest, there is light . . .

Finally, we have some popular spokesmen for Catholicism. And they were revealed during the Superbowl of all things. 

Did you notice a commercial during the Superbowl for “Jesus, He gets us!” ? Well, that ad was provided by Dallas advertising firm “Lerma”. They claimed “we are honored to share Jesus’ powerful message of forgiveness, unity and love!”

Another Catholic organization supported by Mark Wahlberg introduced Hallow, an iPhone app for daily prayer during Lent. Mark wears his faith on his sleeve and provides some insight on several topics including “fasting” during Lent and letting things go that are not good for us and turning back to God. Wow, very powerful message. The daily messages are great reminders for Lent and moving forward.

In addition, I hope you saw the article in the Feb 14th Knightline e-news regarding Harrison Butker, the field goal kicker from Kansas City that had a nearly perfect season and a Superbowl record 57-yard field goal. Harrison has been a Knight since 2015 and he lives his belief. He stated: “The greatest impact that I will make with my time on this earth, is remaining dedicated to my primary vocation – helping my family get to heaven.” Now that’s a great goal.

So quickly, very quickly, we have numerous examples of how God and Jesus are turning lives around. I tend to be skeptical and try to understand motives when I first hear of these people stepping up to embrace Jesus. But we need to believe. Let’s embrace these new ambassadors and promote them. With all the negative news we see on TV and social media these days, we need these uplifting messages to lead us forward and continue our path towards righteousness.

From our Council, brothers and sisters alike are working to raise money for charities through our fabulous Fish Fry events. Join in and work side by side with other like-minded Catholics working for the betterment of our community. The Fish fry runs thru to Palm Sunday weekend so there is plenty of time left to assist. Invite your family and neighbors to come out to eat here at St Paul’s. They will be among friends and they will enjoy their dinner. All are welcome !

Another very important activity for our Council occurs on Palm Sunday weekend. That is the MI drive, otherwise known as the Tootsie Roll drive. Our K of C Council raises thousands in support of Mentally Challenged adults and children in our local communities. We support Special Olympics and give to 7 different organizations that provide direct support to local families. The work we do and long hours on the street or store front raise monies that make a difference right here and you likely know people and families that benefit from this activity. Support our Chairman Jeff Gapczynski and our team to go out and make this drive the most successful yet.

God bless our Council and God Bless the Knights of Columbus 

Vivat Jesus ! 

Vincent Ursini

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