Thursday, May 13, 2021


In the beginning God created the night and the day and with in it He provided 24 hours with two great lights to separate the night and the day. All of God’s people have 24 hours each day to accomplish their goals. That gives each of us 8,760 hours a year to live out God’s plan. That gives everyone 2,920 hours of sleep each year if they sleep 8 hours a day. Working 40 hours a week uses another 2,080 hours for the year. That leaves 3,760 hours for personal time whatever that may be. Can you please spend 5,10,15,20 or 24 hours a year making a difference by supporting the Knights of Columbus programs? That’s all it takes 24 hours or less out of 8,760 hours each year. Be the difference. Your time is the most valuable gift you can give. Please consider joining our council today. You are so much needed.

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