Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Knight Shield - October 2023

    The Corporate Communion this past September was really special. The Cardinal Mooney High School Football team was there with their staff and some parents. It was great to see such an upstanding group of young men. These men were not just sitting there at the request of their coach, but actually participating in the mass and listening to another awesome homily by Father Ron. They loved the choir’s communion song “Gonna Sing” and you could see the spirit work in them as they clapped their approval after the song. 

    It got me to thinking of my days back playing football and what I had aspired to be while in High School. There was a lot of uncertainty at that time, but the more I leaned on my faith, the clearer the picture became. It was evident to me then, that students who had little or no faith background seemed to struggle and lived in the now rather than plan for their lives outside of High School. Our presence as Knights, I believe, favorably impressed them. And, thanks to Deacon Marc who talked about the important programs the Knights are engaged in here in this community. These young people need positive role models. Let’s be that for our community. 

    I’m expecting several of these young men to join our ranks in the Knights of Columbus sometime in the near future and as Father Ron mentioned, maybe one or two will have a calling to the priesthood. Let’s continue to show our presence at church and within our community. Let’s continue to tell our story about what we are doing and how it impacts the lives of others. Let’s continue to be there when people are in need. 

    The Pancake Breakfast was another success thanks to the hard work of our director Kurt Buhlinger and those that contributed cooking, cleaning or serving. The money raised is going to McCrest to assist with the feeding of homeless men, women and children. What a great cause. Thanks Brothers. I’m proud to be part of this Council and excited about the programs we have coming up. God bless our Council and God Bless the Knights of Columbus 

Vivat Jesus ! 

Vincent Ursini

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